Subaru Assist

Telephone - 0800 124 799

Subaru Emergency Assistance Programme

Coupled to the All-Wheel Drive Maintenance Plan, Subaru Assist offers you added service benefits which add peace of mind to an already exhilarating motoring experience. This programme differs from many other maintenance schemes in the broad base of services on offer and in that most items are paid for with some limitation. Tow-in, for example, is free up to a certain distance. The programme includes:

Medical Assist

Emergency medical advice

Emergency medical response by road or air

Transfer of patient to the most appropriate medical facility

Guaranteed hospital admission

Emotional support and counselling


Roadside Assistance

Flat tyre, flat battery, keys locked in vehicle, fuel


Safekeeping of vehicle

Hotel accommodation

Car rental

Legal Assist

24-hour telephonic access to legal advisors who are all admitted attorneys

Immediate legal advice on further procedures

Forwarding of standard legal documentation and advice on the application thereof

On request, you will receive comprehensive guidelines such as a Small Claims Court kit (including guidelines to jurisdiction) such as Domestic Workers Agreement and a Maintenance Kit.

Map Assist

A 24-hour helpline for directions or route guidance when travelling

Detailed map directions and symbology for major metropolitan areas such as Johannesburg’s suburbs, West and East Rand, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and other larger towns

Basic route information for rural areas

Forwarding of details via fax

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